Visualization and Hand tracking interaction of Leonardo Da Vinci Machines models. A work in collaboration with Museo Leonardiano of Vinci. […]
a Virtual Reality system aimed at providing a training solution for safety inside a generic power plant environment. The system […]
Android application to visualize real data scanned 3d models of baby hearts. Part of a bigger project in collaboration with: […]
Sense of Self, Presence & Embodiment Development of new pipelines to improve body tracking techniques to animate Avatars and Virtual […]
“Vite Sospese” is a multimedia exhibition held in 2018 articulated into four rooms presenting fragments of the lives of  Italian Jews […]
A serious game to identify generalization difficulties in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with: Stella Maris and Rotary Club. team: […]
5 years experience in developing VR applications, mainly on Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, but also with a few tests […]
I am -Camilla Tanca, curetly a post-doc researcher at PERCO (Laboratory of Perceptual Robotics, Institute of Communication, Information and Perception […]
I’ve tested several techniques of real-time motion capture devices both inertial and optical, as Perception Neuron Suits and Optitrack Full […]
Scandola M. , Corbella M. , Tanca C. , Barsotti M. , Frisoli A., and Moro V.
I have experience with major modeling software as Blender 2.8, on with I’ve taught a course at an high school […]