5 years experience in developing VR applications, mainly on Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, but also with a few tests […]
I’ve tested several techniques of real-time motion capture devices both inertial and optical, as Perception Neuron Suits and Optitrack Full […]
I have experience with major modeling software as Blender 2.8, on with I’ve taught a course at an high school […]
I tested many different techniques of photogrammetry (but also 3D scanning) and I developed a fast pipeline to create optimized […]
I developed for the last 5 years, along with the VR integrated ones, standalone applications both 3D and 2D with […]
I have experience with logo design and realization, with the main vector graphics programs as Adobe Illustrator but I cal […]
I leaded several projects on UE4 from 2015 in many different areas, all connected to VR. The fields I’ve worked […]
I’ve worked with the overall development of WordPress websites, but I also had experience on the backend side with the […]