Visualization and Hand tracking interaction of Leonardo Da Vinci Machines models. A work in collaboration with Museo Leonardiano of Vinci. WorkGroup (Sant’Anna Side) : Camilla Tanca, Chiara Evangelista, Marcello Carrozzino, Massimo Bergamasco
Android application to visualize real data scanned 3d models of baby hearts. Part of a bigger project in collaboration with: K. Capellini. , P. Tripicchio, E. Vignali, , E. Gasparotti, L. Ait ALi, M. Cantinotti, G. Santoro, F. Alfonzetti, C. Evangelista and S, Celi
“Vite Sospese” is a multimedia exhibition held in 2018 articulated into four rooms presenting fragments of the lives of  Italian Jews scholars, scientists, teachers, and students “suspended” because of the racial laws and banned in 1938 from schools and universities. The experience has then been made completely […]
A serious game to identify generalization difficulties in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder with: Stella Maris and Rotary Club. team: C. Tanca, R. Galdieri, M.Carrozzino, C. Evangelista
a Virtual Reality system aimed at providing a training solution for safety inside a generic power plant environment. The system includes several scenarios in order to offer a wide range of tasks and situations.  Workteam: Avveduto, G., Tanca, C., Lorenzini, C., Tecchia, F., Carrozzino, M., & […]
Body Ownership (BO) and its manipulations have been broadly stud-ied in psychology and neuroscience. These studies have shown the possibility to elicit BO sensations even in absence of a part of a body,towards extraneous simulacrum. The illusion of owning an artificialbody is in fact a powerful […]
An experiment part of a series of studies on evaluation of the role of Dynamic Virtual Characters (DVC) in Emotional Narrative Immersive Environments. A paradigm to create Immersive Virtual Environments (IVE) charged with emotional content and social narratives, capable to elicit emotion in users. In order […]